Papers on technology transfer and intellectual property

Proceedings of the 14th International Technology Transfer Conference

Title VideoAuthor
1Technology Transfer Fund – Central Eastern European Technology Transfer (CEETT) platform Marijan Leban, Špela Stres
2Software Protection and Licensing Challenges in Europe: An OverviewUrška Fric, Špela Stres, Robert Blatnik  
3European Guiding principles for knowledge valorisation: An assessment of essential topics to be addressedŠpela Stres, Levin Pal, Marjeta Trobec
4Digital Innovation Hubs and Regional Development: Empirical Evidence from the Western Balkan countriesBojan Ćudić, Špela Stres  
5Technology Transfer as a Unifying Element in EU Projects of the Center for Technology Transfer and InnovationDuško Odić, Špela Stres
6Proof of Concept cases at the Jožef Stefan Institute in 2020 and 2021Marjeta Trobec, Špela Stres
7European Industrial Strategy – a great opportunity to strengthen the role of technology transfer officesLevin Pal, France Podobnik, Špela Stres
8Knowledge generation in citizen science project using on-line tools: CitieS-Health Ljubljana PilotJure Ftičar, Miha Pratneker, David Kocman
9Overview of National Sources of Finance and Supports Available to Spin-Out Companies from Public Research OrganizationsVojka Žunič, Marta Klanjšek Gunde
10Application of 3D printing, reverse engineering and metrologyRemzo Dedić, Željko Stojkič, Igor Bošnjak
11Towards the Market: Novel Antimicrobial MaterialTomaž Lutman, Marija Vukomanović
12Technology Transfer in BelarusAlexander Uspenskiy, Aliaksei Uspenski, Maxim Prybylski

Call for scientific papers on technology transfer and intellectual property

– Key factors for successful technology transfer from different points of view (researchers, knowledge transfer experts, enterprises)

– Key inventions and their protection for the greater good

– Market perspective through different TRL phases

– Financing different TRL phases

– Setting-up internal Proof-of-Concept funds at public research organisations

– Lowering the Proof-of-Concept risks

– Shortening the time-to-market for different technological fields

– Spin-out vs spin-off

– Key trends in IP protection and TT for mid TRL phases

– Examples of IP protection in Artificial Intelligence

– The role of patents in Artificial Intelligence

– Activating the IP protection and TT players in the SEE region

– National IP protection: a profit or a hindrance

– Governmental support vs institutional support of IP protection and TT

– IP and internal secret know-how: who prefers what and why

– Other, chosen by the contributor

Instruction for authors

The Program Committee calls for papers on the topics of the conference. The papers should not exceed four pages, and should be written in English. Papers written in program Microsoft Word must be made according to MS Word template. Preliminary Registration Form to be filled in by 10th of August. Final submission by 17th of August. The papers will be reviewed by the Programme Committee. The accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings with an ISBN, posted (open access) on the ITTC web page and presented by the authors at the conference.

Presentations of published papers will be organised in sessions depending on their topics. By default, the presentations shall be given in English. Time allocated for each presentation will be approximately 7 minutes (including discussion). The duration of the conference will depend on the number of accepted papers.

Important dates

10 August 2021: Preliminary Registration Form (includes an Abstract)

17 August 2021: Submission deadline

04 September 2021: Acceptance notification

21 September 2021: Deadline for revised papers

Scientific Review Programme Committee 

Niko Schlamberger, President of Slovenian Society INFORMATIKA

Doc. Dr. Tamara Besednjak Valič, Faculty of Information Studies in Novo Mesto

Prof. Alexandru Marin, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

Call for papers

Conference PROCEEDINGS from 2020 available HERE.