Presentations of successful scientific projects

Successful Slovenian scientific projects will be presented in short popular lectures. The goal of the presentations is to further promote the science to economy and general public. The future steps towards higher TRLs will be also discussed.


Karstology in the Classical karstAssoc. Prof. Nataša Ravbar, PhD  Karst Research Institute, ZRC SAZU
Antecedents of environmentally and socially responsible sustainable consumer behaviour  Prof. Žabkar Vesna, PhD

Faculty Of economics, University of Ljubljana
Why the World Needs AnthropologistsProf. Dan Podjed, PhDInstitute of Slovenian Ethnology, ZRC SAZU 
New halogen bonds in biological systems  Assoc. Prof. Martina HrastFaculty of pharmacy, University of Ljubljana & National institute of Chemistry
Ionically charged topological defects in nematic liquids  Prof. Miha Ravnik, PhDFaculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, Jožef Stefan Institute

*Excellent in Science is a project implemented by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS), a part of the promotion of science. It is a selection of the most visible achievements of the past years, made by the members of the Scientific Research Councils of individual sciences. Presentations marked with * were part of Excellent in Science in past years (2015-2021).