Conference prize for the best innovation in 2020

At the conference, a special prize for innovations from public research organizations in 2020 will be awarded. The emphasis of the competition is on presentation of business propositions of your (early stage technologies) in front of the evaluation commission, which is constituted of investors and technology commercialization experts. The commission members will evaluate the commercial potential of the presented technologies and will award the teams with the highest commercial potential of ther invention/innovation.

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All information disclosed during the presentations of the submitted cases are considered as confidential. This part of the conference is considered a non-public event.


Public call (in Slovenian language)

Public call (in English language)

Application form A and C     Application form B 

Promo video (in Slovenian language)


WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy 

About the Prize
The aim is to stimulate Slovenian enterprises to intensify their cooperation with public research organisations. We wish to expose as a good practice those enterprises that are constantly and methodologically using the IP system in their business activities.

Evaluation commission members:
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WIPO Medal For Inventors 

About the Prize
The goal of the Medal is to award inventive and innovative activity of Slovenian public researcher and to recognize their contribution to national wealth and development.

Evaluation commission members:
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