Technology transfer in Central Europe


Conference topic:
How to maximize the impact of technology transfer funnel at TTOs?

Assisting enterprises in order to better use the RTD results from public research organizations
How to approach enterprise? The perspectives of TTOs, researchers and enterprises. The value proposition of early stage technologies for enterprises.
Creation of an efficient national PoC funding system.
Helping spin-offs to succeed
Improving the knowledge base of technology transfer experts

Call for papers: Key trends in TT 

Conference Prize for the Best Innovations in 2020
The main objective of the special prize for innovation is to encourage commercialization of inventive/innovative technologies developed at public research organizations. The winners will get also 2.500 EUR. 
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WIPO Enterprise Trophy (TBC)
The award will be given to Slovenian small or medium sized enterprise for Developing successful strategy for the commercialization of university-based innovation.
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WIPO Medal For Inventors (TBC)
The Medal will be given to individual researcher or to a group of researchers from Slovenian public research institute whose patented invention has shown a significant economic and technological development in Slovenia.
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Business 2 Research meetings
In the course of the conference, pre-scheduled R2B (Research-to-Business) meetings will take place, allowing the representatives of companies and research institutions to discuss possible development solutions, inventions and commercially interesting technologies. Such meetings present an excellent basis for possible future research cooperation and business synergies.

Opportunities arising from publicly funded research projects
Researchers will be presenting their work that is being financed by Slovenian Research Agency.