prof. dr. Alenka Vesel

Foto: Marjan Verč, Institut “Jožef Stefan”, 2020

Justification: In the last decade prof. dr. Alenka Vesel obtained several international patents, she is a co-founder of the company Plasmadis, and her IP has resulted in different products and services being brought to the market.

About the Prize
The goal of the Medal is to award inventive and innovative activity of Slovenian public researchers and to recognize their contribution to national wealth and development.

Researchers from Slovenian public research organisations can apply via this link latest by the 28th of September.

Info about the eligibility criteria and rating is available here.

Evaluation commission members:
Jeff Skinner, London School of Business

Jon Wulff Petersen, TTO Ltd., Denmark

Alojz Barlič, Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)

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